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What You Have Just Bought...

You have just bought personal private label rights to over 200 professionally written and formatted emails to use for your email newsletters. Here are some creative ways you can start profiting from them immediately…

1. Use as blog posts – Want to start a content-rich blog full of online marketing tips for entrepreneurs? Well, now you can! Simply choose the most relevant emails for your blog and schedule them to go public on specific dates. Put together 52 posts, send out just one a week and you can automate your marketing blog for an entire year!

2. Use as article content – Why not turn those blog posts into articles, add a bio link and submit them to article directories? It’s an easy way to build backlinks to your site and generate traffic from multiple sources without having to write new content!

3. Compile into short reports – Simply take your emails and turn them into short 7-20 report and add your link inside. You can then use these reports as give-away incentives to build your list, submit them to eBook sharing sites, offer them with the master resale and give-away rights, or offer them as bonuses to add value to existing offers. Brand your reports with your links and you’ll have quality traffic coming to your site for free!

4. Convert into video articles – Want to get traffic from video sites? Use your emails as the basis to create your own ‘how-to’ videos. You can either copy the content to slides and read aloud the content or even talk in front of the camera and present the information like a pro! With so much content you’ll be able to churn out videos for years!

5. Use as pre-sell content for affiliate recommendations – Want to educate your readers and show your expertise on a topic before you recommend an offer? Use the newsletter content to create landing pages, or informative emails to get your subscribers hot for your latest promotion and you’ll see a massive increase in sales.

6. Use as marketing content so affiliates can promote your products – Got a product to sell but no partners to help you sell it? A big part of a product’s success is in the tools you give to your affiliates. Make it easy for them to promote you through the content you give them, and in turn, they’ll produce sales for you.

7. Use as sales letter content – Ever written a sales letter on a topic you know little about? If you have you’ll know how hard it can be. If you’re stuck for ideas, why not use the emails as content filler to help you write openers and closers. Not only will it help your sales letter flow, but your prospects will appreciate the value you give and will most likely boost your conversion rates.

8. Use as soft-sell content in-between promotions – No one likes to receive email promotion every day, but at the same time you still have to turn a profit. So during those periods between promotions, send out a content email. At the end of the email, you can still remind your subscribers about the latest promotion. This way your subscribers that are not ready to buy will receive value, subscribers that need reminding about your offer are reminded, whilst you turn a profit. Everyone wins!

9. Create customized email courses. Want to educate and build a strong relationship with your subscribers over time? Why not create your own mini eCourse? Instead of delivering a lesson every day on the same topic for 10 days, combine several similar topics together, spread it out every 2-3 days, and slip in a motivational email with every week. This breaks the pattern and keeps your subscribers interested.

10. Automate your list for the whole year – Take 52 emails on similar or overlapping subjects, arrange them in a progressive order, add them to your autoresponder and deliver them once per week. Your subscribers will be hooked and never want to unsubscribe!

With these done-for-you emails, not only are you delivering value to your subscribers, but you’re also building trust and cultivating your list and increasing your long term business profits.

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