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Introducing Andy Waring's KISS Continuity Income...

Discover The Twin Secrets Of The Elite Super-Rich And Use Them To Transform YOUR Life For The Better

Read On To Discover How You Can Enjoy A Regular Passive Income By Using The KISS* Principle And Working Smart - Not Hard


(*Keep IStupidly Simple)

There are two dirty little secrets billionaires whisper to their sons in darkened rooms...secrets they pray you'll never learn.  

But now with my help, I will give you those secrets - and more importantly, how you can easily deploy them for yourself!

I was in my late teens the first time I realised the super-rich never waste a minute of their time making someone else rich by having a job.

I knew instinctively that the only one who benefits from all your hard work in a job is YOUR BOSS.  

The first secret of the super-rich is that they ARE the bosses and they invest their time in creating income producing assets.  

The really smart ones go one step further using this other key secret.

The Super Rich Create Assets That Generate Repeat Or 'Continuity' Incomes

The second secret of the super-rich elite, either online or offline is to ensure they create assets that will bring in an ongoing continuity income.

Love him or hate him, US President Donald J. Trump is a perfect example of this very clever business model of the super-rich.  

First, he creates a new piece of real estate (his asset).  This could be a golf, course, an upscale apartment block or a casino - or a complex of all three.  

That asset then provides a continuity income from golf club membership fees, apartment rents and management fees and lease payments from the casino operators.  

But there is a KISS - Keep It Stupidly Simple - way to deploy this powerhouse business model that neatly side-steps the long months needed to build an apartment block and avoids the need to hire staff and provide offices for them.

But the real beauty is it that my way of doing it can be started without the vast capital that real estate development requires.  

KISS Continuity Income

Hi, my name is Andy Waring and I've been personally enjoying a passive income flowing automatically into my bank account every single month for some time now.

BUT it hasn't always been that way!

When I started online, I was probably about where you are now.  

For about the first three years, money flooded out of my PayPal account daily.

I bought one program after another in an increasingly desperate attempt to find a way of making a steady income from the internet.   

The problem was all these wonderful programs had one or more FATAL flaw, so my rapidly shrinking PayPal balance never got replenished with any profits.  

Sound familiar?  

But there's a wise old saying that goes something like this...

"It's always darkest before the dawn"

And so it was in my case.  

Because I was just about despairing of finding any possible way to make this 'internet thing' work when I made myself a promise - a bargain with the Universe if you like.  

In that darkest of dark hours, I swore that - if I should ever manage to make some serious money online - then I would reach out and give a helping hand to others, like you, who are also dismayed at the sight of their PayPal balance rapidly disappearing with very little to show in return.  

Sure enough, a few days after my darkest days, came the breakthrough I had so desperately been seeking.  

This breakthrough came about by chance when I read a comment from a successful marketer talking about the beauty of offering products that created a recurring income...

Security of Income: The Holy Grail Of Marketing

This marketer pointed out that when you have a guaranteed source of income every month, life becomes so much easier.

You make a sale once and you get paid time after time...after time!

Rather than panic and have to think about creating and launching a product every month or so, fretting about all that work, you can just continue the promotion of your recurring income membership.  

If your membership is good (I'll show you in the guide how to make it good), people will stick around.  

This means if you decide to do diddly squat for a month or two, you still get that income dropping into your PayPal account.

This teacher also pointed out that you only have to find a few new clients each month to add to your existing members to see your income increase month on month!

But do you know what, I almost rejected the idea, because I didn't think I had the skill or knowledge to create enough material to provide my own continuity membership

But then, as I researched this idea some more, I discovered several techniques that allowed me to enjoy a recurring income far more easily than I ever dared hope - some of the ideas didn't even need me to create any of my own content!  

In fact, I was able to benefit from one of these powerful techniques in a matter of minutes.  

That was a while ago now and yet I am still receiving payments from the very first continuity product I offered - adding up to literally thousands of dollars of income.  This is despite the fact I haven't promoted the membership for years!

Time To Get Your Very Own Hands-Free Continuity Income!

So to keep my karma sparkling clean, I've now written a 'nothing held back' practical guide, that draws back the curtain, revealing everything you need to know to create your very own multiple streams of wonderful hands-free continuity income...and do it in the most simple way possible.

You'll be able to enjoy continuity income within days because I've included all the lightening fast techniques that I've picked up over the year's

I also include more in-depth techniques that will require a little more time and effort but will reward you with increased control, increased income and increased security...and all with very little ongoing maintenance.

Here's a tiny sneak peek at the powerful secrets awaiting you inside...

  • My 'Shortcut Cheat' for creating a continuity income almost immediately (after all - what's wrong with getting richer, faster?) - Page 7 
  • Eight profitable continuity niches. The best bit is you can quickly set up a whole range of income streams with very little effort - Page 9
  • The two major websites that are going to be essential to your efforts and how to get the best out of them - Page 9
  • The key feature that makes a continuity offer irresistible to customers - Page 10
  • What to consider when coming up with your continuity product - get this wrong and it could be over before it's even started - Page 11
  • Six popular evergreen types of continuity to think about when coming up with your own product - you will never be short of members if you follow the powerful information provided here - Page 12
  • The one type of continuity product you should run a mile from! - Page 17
  • Why the duration of your membership is so important - probably not what you think! - Page 20
  • I show you there is "more than one way to skin a cat" - The guide reveals how a membership product can be much more versatile than you ever thought possible - Page 25
  • Making even more money with continuity products. Once you've covered all your regular bills with the easy to set continuity programs, here's where you use your new-found experience to start making the BIG BUCKS! - Page 30
  • How to get others to create your content - and be more than happy to do it! Page 35
  • I reveal the five methods of sourcing material with little or no effort on your part - you will never be stuck for content ever again with these methods - Page 48
  • My J.I.T. strategy and how it will more or less guarantee your continuity product success - without this, many will just give up before ever having anything to show for their efforts - Page 56
  •   And, much, MUCH more...

Who is this publication for?

If you understand the benefit of making a sale once and getting paid over and over again...this is for you!

If you want the security of a regular monthly income...this is for you!

All you need to do is follow the various methods I've detailed in this blueprint.  

This is another title in my now famous Keep It Stupidly Simple (KISS) series of guides.  So you can be sure the whole process is made as simple as humanly possible.

No matter what your experience you will be able to earn a continuity income within the next few days.

Give Yourself True FREEDOM Of Choice

You can clearly see how having the firm foundation of several continuity programs paying your bills every month on auto-pilot would be perfect for you.   

Because that gives you the TRUE FREEDOM of choice... 

That means you can either choose to simply sit back and enjoy a more relaxed lifestyle - free of the constant worry about paying the next bill...

Or it can make real that dream of being able to say goodbye to your boss, FOREVER.

But you're concerned that such a powerful set of potentially life-changing secrets will obviously require an investment the size of a king's ransom.  

You're right!

Such a powerhouse of a program SHOULD certainly cost a great deal. But, before I reveal, the very special deal I have for you today, I want to make one thing crystal clear...

You Owe It To Yourself To Succeed (With a Little Help From Me)

You see, I know how powerful these secrets are - after all, I'm living proof they work, because they have been providing me and my family with a very comfortable lifestyle for quite some time, now.   

But there is no need to just take my word for it.  

Because I'm going to allow you to take the guide away and test-drive it for a full 30 days, because NOTHING beats you being able to prove to yourself it actually works for YOU.  

I figure that 30 days will allow you to set up some of the fast start methods I've included in the program and enjoy the thrill of seeing your first payments there in black and white (remember one of the very first methods I used, which is still making me good money today, only took a few minutes to set up).  

Then - if for any reason - you feel this information isn't all I say - and much more besides - then all you have to do is simply shoot me a short email and I'll refund your purchase.

Fair Enough?

As you can clearly see, there's no big decision required today, because all you have to decide now is to take the no-brainer choice of the 30 day (risk-free) test drive.


What would be a smart move for you, right now?

  • Ignore the fact that these methods support my lifestyle (and can quickly do the same for you) and, instead, carry on as before still desperately searching for that perfect 'get-rich-quick, silver bullet, push button, unicorn poo' product you know, deep down, is merely 'fools gold'.  


  • Be smart and realize that THIS is the perfect method you've been seeking because it is about as close as you can get to making serious money on autopilot with minimal setup.

I'm sure you're shrewd enough to make the right choice, so I'm really looking forward to sharing my methods with you.  

To your inevitable success,

A Final Word From Me

I just wanted to take this opportunity to say I was lucky enough to complete this guide myself and I know the profound effect it has had on many people's results online.
It is now a huge honour to be able to offer you, as one of my customers, the chance to receive the same game-changing knowledge.
All the best
Terry Phong